The Plot Thickens

So…it’s now March 22 so I have been working on my blog or a whole 3 weeks! I am committed to learning and have not only been learning WordPress…slowly but also I’m trying to learn as much as possible about the online space. I have worked in the online arena before developing the and I recommend taking a look at that site but things move so quickly…. in a week there’s a million new developments. How to catch up?! The key is… to take it one day at a time. I will also talk about new developments in my business but we’ll get to that.

So the online space… I eventually want this blog to be choc full of content…. to look professional and be a great resource guide and community for women in business. So…I have committed my time to the blog and online tutorials. I am working towards doing a course in website development but by the time I start it (June) I may (A) Have enough info under my belt to get lots out of it or (B) Not feel it necessary I’ll deal with that when it happens.  In the meantime I’ll share my experiences. What a difficult task I have set myself. Anyone that has dipped their twinkle toes into online tutorials and education knows what I’m talking about. My friend Libby spent 9 months! Nine months teaching herself all she could about social media platforms and then went onto work in social media so it’s great to chat to her about her experiences. I am using WordPress tutorials to learn a beginners guide to html and I’m already stuck! So I’m delving into online support forums I feel like an obvious fish out of water…. but who cares you have to just start! The other reason I want to educate myself in the online space is that even though I have worked online before I don’t really know how to do much? I can tell you what your website should do, and know how a good website should look and operate but I can’t actually do any of it. SO…to add to my skill base and because it’s relevant to me and my bsuiness I’m going to learn as much as possible…helping myself and my business in the meantime. Imagine the savings being able to build your own website and the income you can generate building others.

The Business Development:

So I always seem to attract people who would like to start a business or who are at the very beginnings of their business. They come to me for advice and moral support. I’m not a business genius by any means but I have done a business course and I have gone through a very detailed business plan process. Couple this with my generous helping of common sense and practical thinking and I’m good at doing for others what they can’t do for themselves…. “see the forest for the trees” it’s easy for me to step back take a look at their ‘idea’ and after talking with them and going through progress to date I can come up with a business ‘timeline’ for them. I have a good head for marketing, I’m progressive and most importantly I want to help. I want to see others succeed.

So… I’ve realised I need to make a sort of timeline template that I can input each business pathway into. It’s great fun…you get to research these different ideas and markets and you learn lots in the process. So that one new development for my business that I’ve stumbled upon…. now to develop and create. Remember it’s not that easy doing this for your own business…. so each new find is an exciting step in your own development.

Today I also learned how to add the below video to my blog…. take a look, it’s informative and will lead you off on an interesting online adventure of discovery and information prospecting!


Remember “smarter not harder”


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