Tips and Resources

One of the things I really wanted to do when starting this blog was to share online tips and resources with you. The reason being is that A. most of us struggling start-up business women have nigh money for (luxuries) like beauty up-keep skincare, make-up. I recently went makeup shopping at a couple of chemists on my street even though I knew I could get it cheaper online but i was desperate and couldn’t wait. The point being…I’d waited sooooo long to replace said dead makeup due to finances that it was do or die time. Ok die might be extreme but you try leaving the house at night sans no mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, self esteem…. ANYWAY I digress. So anyway I want to share with you all my little finds and these finds will hopefully cover way more than beauty products. ANYTHING worth mentioning, any bargain I can find I will share….and I’d like you…when YOU start reading this blog to do the same. The other part to this post is resources…. I’m always pointing people in the right direction to do this or that, this is the right organisation they have the best… get the picture. So I will also share resources with you…and I’d like you to do the same.  I read somewhere on wordpress about a new widget or feature they introducing where users can start interacting with one another on a blog and sharing this kind of thing, the idea was to start a community….when I’m ready that will be on this blog and we’ll get the SWB community happening. Anyway the tip today is this site is the Australian Edition of the (probably US brand) but what I did like about it is that when you join you get a $5 voucher to shop and the will do all the hard work for you buy lisiting all the brands and great sites you can shop on. With just a little research you can find the cheapest deal…. hey it all helps!

I’m going to ask my super talented friend Nicole to start posting some beauty tips and more online shopping guides for you cos she is the discount queen!!! She has a ebay store called ship hot prices and boy does that girl know how to spot a bargain and get value for her dollar! She also is well versed in all things beauty and has never sent me a stray yet!In fact I can safely say that she was doing the online shopping thing way before it was trey cool AND she always looks great!


Till next time SWBers remember smarter not harder……


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