So where to now…..2012

So today’s date is March 6th 2012 and what’s happened to our SWB idea and what are each of us doing as of….now? Well Emma the pocket rocket is still doing great guns with her business Wildseed and is on her (i’ve actually lost count) upteenth trip OS to restock her Wildseed range. Which she then sells at various markets across Melbourne. I’m hoping she get’s her online store up and running ASAP and puts more energy and finances into this….remember smarter not harder…. but she’s doing very well. Libby after spending some time unemployed and discovering what it is exactly she wants to do with herself, decided on Social Media…. pretty much trained and taught herself as much as humanly possible and now works as a Social media Manager for an online store….and is doing very well. I have one very valued client and have been contracting to a company I used to work for to supplement my income. I hate working for that company and I really need to find something else and have been meaning to start this blog since last month. 

Here’s the thing…. personally I have had a bit of a trough with my business since getting off to a great start last year…. but I want to talk about it cos I’m certain I’m not alone.

I think in hindsight my passion or need to quit my job, get some control in my life and find out what it is I really want to do with my life was also probably heavily tainted with me needing a rest. The last 3-4 years of my life have been emotionally draining and physically demanding with working fulltime and being a single mother to a teenager who has had more than his fair share of difficulties. Thankfully for now things are looking up and said teenager is now a young man of 21 and getting his life together. Couple this with bad relationship breakdowns and debt you start to get a little weary…..

I think to be honest when you lose this kind of control in your life you need some time, some how to stop for a minute take a breather and re access. Unfortunately my trial by fire decision (see Serena Star leonard, How to retire in 12 months) to quit my job…. meant quitting with no savings…. or very little, plus a credit card…. not a great start! In truth had my level of passion and drive continued I probably would have been okay however finding more and more time on my hands kind of meant I gradually slumped into a kind of a funk where I was guiltily loving the time and resenting having to do anything about getting more money coming in…couple those things with my increasing uncertainty of what it is exactly I’m doing and want to do… I haven’t exactly continued my great head start!  So for the first time in my life that I can remember I suddenly find myself bereft of any real direction and just surviving….getting by AND taking the kind of work I HATE and quit in the first place just to ‘survive’ arrgghhh square one!!!

So here I am. I did have a plan and that plan meant starting this blog late Jan early feb so I’m a little behind on that one but more importantly it meant continuing with the SWB meetings…. this hasn’t happened. We’ve tried but it’s been difficult with everyone’s schedules…. that’s something that really needs to change. I also have an opportunity should it come to fruition to start a secret women’s business online TV show with eyeworld tv  I contracted to them as a producer with Playing The Game hosted by Wayne Carey and Mick McGuane not long after quitting my job. My pitch to them meant getting this blog up and running first so i could have a foundation and audience for the show. Still a great idea and opportunity but a fair way off yet.

For now I’m just glad that I’m getting my mojo back. I still have uncertainties and am not 100% certain that I’m on the right track but I am feeling better just doing something. I have a lot of resources and tips and ideas for this blog that I”d like to share. I think it’s very worthwhile to help others and lend assistance  where ever you can. It will take time to build this blog to level that I see…in my head…the visionary but in just 2 days I’ve done quite a bit already.

The motto for this post is this….. even if you lose track and well meaning friends and acquaintances are bogging you down with advice and ideas sometimes you just need to ride it out. It’s not possible or even good for you in my opinion to be always on the go always chasing your finances and dreams whilst coping with day to day living esp when that living gets hard, as it does….. but if you are the sort of person that is willing and able and has in the past being proactive and creative you will eventually find your way out of your slump and will be those things again. So here goes hopefully my journey through this and getting back on track one ay at a time might also inspire and help you. Perhaps we’ll learn a little about ourselves on the way.

Remember….smarter not harder.

Till next time sweet people.


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